Interested in a new way of travelling? Getting experience? Making a difference?

By participating in our volunteer programme, you can support IMBEWU’s projects and become involved directly in the Port Elisabeth townships.

This volunteer programme is open to anyone over 18 years interested in participating in a hands-on solidarity stay. IMBEWU offers an enriching experience based on cultural exchanges and the opportunity to meet the youth of the Port Elisabeth townships through various sports and educational activities. You should already have a good level of English in order to be able to participate successfully in the programme.

Travel expenses include food, accommodation, costs associated with the United through Sport induction on arrival as well as IMBEWU’s assistance before, during and after the stay.


Sessions 2016-2017

5 weeks

Session 2.B (2016)

7th May - 11th June 2016

Session 3 (2016)

16th July - 20th Aug. 2016

Session 4.B (2016)

27th Aug. - 1st Oct. 201

Session 4.A (2016)

1st Oct. - 5th Nov. 201

Session 1.A

14th Jan. - 18th Feb. 2017

Session 1.B

18th Feb. - 25th March 2017

Session 2.A

8th April - 13th May 2017

Session 2.B

13th May - 17th June 2017

Session 3
15th July - 19th Aug. 2017
Session 4.A 25th Aug. - 30th Sept. 2017 
Session 4.B 30th Sept. - 4th Nov. 2017 


11 or 12 weeks

Session 4 (2016)
27th Aug. - 19th Nov. 2016
Session 1 14th Jan. - 1st April 2017
Session 2 8th April - 1st July 2017
Session 4
26th Aug. - 18th Nov. 2017


wk 5.

CHF 1'562.-

wk 6.

CHF 1'836.-

wk 7.

CHF 2'041.-

wk 8.

CHF 2'245.-

wk 9.

CHF 2'450.-

wk 10.

CHF 2'664.-

wk 11.

CHF 2'859.-

wk 12.

CHF 3'064.-



A large number of options exist to help you finance your trip. IMBEWU has documented some of these ideas in order to help you to raise the funds necessary to become a volunteer with their South African partner. Contact us for more information.

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