IMBEWU-Suisse was founded October 20th 2001 as a non-profit organisation according to article 60 of the Swiss Civic Code. The association is overseen by an executive committee who in turn delegates the management of its projects to an operational office based in Neuchâtel. These two bodies meet monthly to exchange, evaluate, and to collaborate on the management of the projects. The entire structure also receives considerable support from numerous volunteers who are directly involved in the organisation and its workings.

IMBEWU is one of the founding members of Latitude 21, the Neuchâtel state federation for development cooperation. The latter consists today of 18 associations and enables IMBEWU to reinforce its promotion of cultural exchange as well as awareness of global issues.


Based in Neuchatel, the operational office employs two permanent part-time staff. The office team is completed by two interns, one in project management and the other in communication and fundraising. The team also receives the precious support of one volunteer in international fundraising. 


Anne Roulet

General coordinator
(70% - since May 2015)

The position of general coordinator in Switzerland was created in 2009 to support the IMBEWU Switzerland volunteer committee.

Equipped with a degree in International Relations, Anne Roulet has wide experience in international development in Mexico and Switzerland. Trilingual, she has worked in a number of different areas such as institutional development and support for social organisations (networking, awareness, fundraising, migration).


Cristina Machado

Communications and fundraising
(part-time - since September 2017)

The communications and fundraising role was established in September 2012.

Strongly experienced in marketing, communication and sponsoring, with a background in the watch-making industry, she turns afterward in the field of the sustainable development, as Communication Officer in IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of the Nature.
Working on an international stage, she speaks fluently French, English, Italian and Portuguese, and acquired a perfect understanding of the intercultural communication.
She joined the IMBEWU team on September 1st, 2017 as Fundraiser and Communication officer.


Samir Laouadi

Project assistant
(80% - since August 2018)

Following his studies at the University of Lausanne, after which he obtained a Master's degree in Political Science, Samir Laouadi worked as a project manager for the Development Cooperation Unit (SeCoDev), based in Geneva. Through a poverty reduction programme, he completed various field missions, including in Rwanda. Passionate about issues related to international cooperation, he also worked for the Food Sovereignty Platform of the Geneva Federation of Cooperation.

Samir Laouadi joined the IMBEWU team as a project assistant in early August 2018.




Sharon Ryan

International fundraiser (Volunteer)
(since 2013)

Sharon has been supporting IMBEWU as a volunteer since 2010. With a degree in international marketing and many years professional experience, she is actively involved in fundraising, identifying foundations and trusts which share similar values and objectives to IMBEWU and with an interest in supporting the projects.


Raphaelle Strahm

Communications and fundraising assistant
(80% - since September 2018)

After a Bachelor degree in Social Science at the University of Lausanne, Raphaëlle Strahm had her first experience inside the organization Peace Brigades International as a communication assistant. After a Master degree in Human Rights at the University of Lausanne, she has joined IMBEWU's team as a communication and fundraising assistant.

Her various studies and experiences have increased her sensibility for the international cooperation. More particularly concerning the childhood and teenage years, as well as the impact of the context for the development and participation in the society.


Samia Ben Messaoud

Communication and fundraising – 80% since January 2019.

After a Master in Politic Sciences, Samia was commited for years in the social field with diverse publics and discovered a strong interest in supporting young people. Passionate by dance and diverse physical activities, she worked on projects based on sport and creative mediation for social and educational purposes.

Wishing to move towards international cooperation, she was immediately sensitive to the values and the socio-educational component of IMBEWU projects. She joined the team with conviction as a communication and fundraising collaborator in January 2019.



The executive board, mandated by the General Assembly, comprises 10 members, including a president, a treasurer, a secretary and three project managers. All of these volunteer members strengthen and contribute to the management of the projects, to the evolution of the association and its action strategies as well as to its financial management.


Milena Boulianne-Lavoyer

Co-President since 2018
Project leader for Academy of Creativity, board member since 2014

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in humanities and social sciences at the University of Neuchâtel and a D.E.S.S. in social administration at the Université de Montréal, Milena spend a year in Madagascar as a volunteer teacher for a Swiss NGO. She is now a social worker for a charity in charge of the reception and integration of refugees in Neuchâtel and is undergoing postgraduate training in migration law. She is also involved in politics and associations.

Morgan Paratte

Morgan Paratte

Co-President since 2018

Board member since 2014, Morgan is a specialized teacher, deputy head and instructor within the HEP-BEJUNE specialized in the pedagogy program. He is involved in politics and associations.


Yannick Boillod

Project Leader for Bophelo Ke Kgwele

Bachelor in International Law, from Neuchâtel.

Randolph Arendse

Randolph Arendse

Project Leader for Siyakhula ! since 2007

Retired psychologist, Lausanne.

Véronique Devenoges

Véronique Devenoges

Secretary since 2010

Following three years of Law at the University of Neuchâtel, Véronique abandoned her studies to pursue a Diploma in Librarianship and a career as a librarian. At the same time, she worked as a volunteer in a number of different local organisations before joining the IMBEWU board. Both her children have participated in the volunteer programme in Port Elisabeth (2007 and 2010).


Françoise Jeanneret


mark bovet

Mark Bovet

Board member since 2010

Legal adviser, from Vevey.

Christine Bohnet

Christine Bohnet

Board member since 2017

Christine holds a degree in humanities (English, German, Psychology) and has been teaching English in Denis-de-Rougemont’s high school for 20 years. Passionate about her work and teenagers, she is involved in several extracurricular projects within the school and has been a member of the Youth Parliament Council group for over 10 years. She has a keen interest in educational and multi-cultural issues. As her brother and one of her students were at the origin of Imbewu, she had the opportunity to follow occasionally its progress and will be pleased to follow closely the development of the organization.

Isabelle Mellena

Isabelle Mellana

Board member since 2018

Joel Berthold

Joël Berthold

Board member